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  • Mathematics

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  • Physics

  • Accounts

  • Economics

  • History

  • Chem.Pol.Sci

  • Geography

  • Phycology


Accountancy is the science of recording, classifying and summarizing transactions so that relation with outsiders is exactly determined and result of operation during a particular period can be calculated, and the financial position as the end of the period may be shown.


  • To familiarize the students with accounting as an information system.
  • To acquaint the students with basic concepts of accounting & accounting standards.url
  • To develop the skills of using accounting equation in processing business transactions.
  • To develop an understanding about recording of business transactions and preparation of financial statements.
  • To enable the students with accounting for reconstitution & dissolution of partnership firms.
  • To familiarize students with the fundamentals of computerized system of accounting.

Objectives –
Accounting helps the students:

  • To maintain the cash accounts through the Cash Book and to find out the Cash balance on any particular day.
  • To maintain various other Journals for recording day-to –day non –cash transactions.
  • To maintain various Ledger Accounts to find out the exact amounts of incomes and expenses or gain and losses or receivables and payables.


The study of Economics plays an important role throughout our life. Today, economic issueseconomics are drawing the attention of every citizen directly or indirectly. Further, the learning of Economics helps the student to participate effectively in economic and social affairs and to take intelligent decisions in day-to-day life. In the interests of our own survival and of the nation, there is no education more important than that which helps us to understand our economic problems and reflect on them.

Objectives –

  • To acquaint students with the contemporary economic problems and to help them appreciate the efforts being made to solve these problems.
  • To foster an urge among students for effective participation in the task of economic reconstruction.
  • To prepare students to cope with the necessary stress and strain during the process of economic development.
  • To acquaint students about different criteria of dividing world economy and find out why some countries are rich and some poor.
  • To develop among students an understanding of nation’s physical and human resources and their potentialities for economic development.
  • To deepen the knowledge and understanding about the impact of development on environment.
  • To develop among students favorable attitudes towards conservation and wise use of our natural resources avoiding their misuse and wastage.


The word, history is derived from the Greek word ‘historic’, meaning ‘inquiry’, learning by inquiry’, or ‘the result of an inquiry ‘(Kykkotis, 1957). Herodotus (484-425 B.C.), the ‘Father of History’, was the first person to write an organized account of Past events. It  is an inquiry into the various developments that took place in the past and into the lives and works of the various individuals associated with those events. It is an inquiry into the inevitable changes in human affairs in the past and the ways these changes affect, influence or determine the patterns of life in1123676 the society. The teaching of history in institute bears the full brunt of both social influences and reforms. The aims and tasks, fundamental values, content and techniques underlying the study of history are all changing. The problems arising as time goes by cannot be resolved without corresponding changes in basic and further teacher training;
The modern-day teacher of history is not only a professional with a profound grasp of knowledge and child psychology, but also a person entrusted with the mission of humanizing and harmonizing human relations. A history teacher is a highly versatile, sensitive person capable of assisting a child in his/her individual development, his/her increasing self-awareness and the establishment of his/her cultural identity. At the same time, that person must be capable of working with others, communicating with the most diverse layers of the population, expressing his/her viewpoint and participating in the processes through which democratic values are asserted in our society.

Political Science

The aim of teaching Political science is to provide a basic understanding of how the govt in India functions and compares our governance with those that exist in various other nations around the world.

The main objectives of teaching Political science are to :

  • Reflect a balance of local, national and global content.political-science
  • Reflect a balance of Past, Present and future content.
  • Foster active learning and social interaction.
  • Reflect a clean commitment to democratic beliefs and values.
  • Foster the knowledge and appreciation of diversity.
  • Foster the building of self esteem
  • Incorporate thinking skills and interpersonal skills
  • Stress and identification, understanding and solution of local, national and global problems.
  • Provide many opportunities for students to learn and practice the basic skills of participation from Observation to Advocacy.
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